Hardness Water Test

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Hardness Water Test
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The Tap Score Water Hardness test is included in every Essential, Advanced, and Extended Water Test. However, clients wanting ONLY a water hardness test (and nothing else analyzed) can purchase it directly with this product.

Water is normally considered “hard” if it contains high levels of dissolved and positively charged minerals like calcium and magnesium. 85% of U.S. drinking water has some degree of hardness and while it is not a health hazard, it can be a serious bother to your pipes, faucets, and other water fixtures.

Hard water is likely to leave mineral deposits on everything it touches. This means that hard water can cause many problems in a home or for a business.

  • Hard water can clog pipes through the formation of mineral deposits called, scale.
  • Hard water can leave marks on sinks and baths and toilets.
  • Hard water may prevent your soap from forming bubbles.
  • Hard water can cause expensive malfunctions and damage to water related equipment like heaters, kettles and cooling towers.