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Purchase the right test for your needs securely through this site, it takes minutes to collect your sample following the detailed instructions inside. Everything you need is included in the box and shipping is free. Days later, your Tap Score Report is delivered electronically.

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No need to be a toxicologist

Your report includes an overview of how your water measures up. It's easier than ever to know what poses a potential health risk and what might be affecting your water's smell, taste, or color. How we calculate your score.

Your water's profile

Even parameters that aren't health hazards matter when choosing treatment or uncovering contaminant sources.

Cutting edge analysis at your fingertips

Contaminants found at or near potentially harmful levels are shown in the Watch List, along with their health effects, common sources, and other properties.

Aesthetic Breakdown

The potential sources of any strange tastes, colors, or smells in your water are also analyzed.

Complete testing

Everything else that was detected below levels thought to pose a health risk is also displayed. Technical testing details are available in a downloadable PDF included in your report.

Personalized treatment matching

Tap Score recommends the products that can treat the contaminants found in your water. Every report includes unbiased support from a treatment specialist.

Your local water quality

Millions of results power information about nearby groundwater contamination for well owners. Utility customers can view information about their water system's compliance history.

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