SimpleWater Tap Score

Tap Score is a complete picture of what's in your water and how it affects your health

This page describes each section of Tap Score. To open a complete Tap Score in a separate window, CLICK HERE. Tap Score is best viewed on larger screens.

Know Your Water Well™

Tap Score includes a summary of your results with your overall score and a short explanation. Your score lets you know how your drinking water measures up.

No need to be a toxicologist

A handy reference is provided in the report to help make sense of all the bars and colors. Simple charts summarize extensive research on drinking water contaminant health risks.

Your water is unique

First, we review the overall characteristics of your water:  pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Conductivity, Turbidity, Color, and Odor.

Expert analysis at your fingertips

Any contaminant found at a potentially harmful level is shown in the Watch List, along with its known health effects, sources, and taste and odor characteristics - if it has any.

Complete testing

Everything else that was detected below levels thought to pose a health risk is shown below. You can still view health effects, sources, and other details by clicking on each contaminant.

Personalized treatment recommendations

We recommend one or several treatment solutions that can treat the contaminants we found in your water. Tap Score includes phone support from a treatment expert.

Your local water risks

We draw from millions of data points to show you nearby groundwater contamination if you have a well, and information on your public water system if you get your water from one.

Everything else

Finally, every other contaminant that we tested for, but was not detected, is presented for your records. Tap Score is a complete water quality screen - far more accurate than a home test and richer in information that your local lab's test.