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Frequently Asked Questions

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Meanwhile, here are some of the most common questions we receive: 

Which Tap Score Package Is Right For Me?

Every Tap Score Package has a name that describes its general purpose. For example, The Private Well Test includes laboratory testing for a list of chemical parameters that are most common among private and shared wells. The Water Utility Customer Test focuses on contaminants commonly found in homes served by public water systems.

When you visit the collections page and click "View Details" on any service that sound like it will fit your needs. When you scroll down you’ll see a full list of chemical parameters included as well as other details about the package and who it’s intended for.

How Many Contaminants Does Tap Score Test For?

Many companies will try to sell you on their water testing kits by listing a huge number of contaminants included in their product. This is nothing more than marketing spin. Any lab can readily perform certain testing methods that will concurrently analyze water for hundreds of superfluous chemicals. However, most of these chemicals have no realistic chance of appearing in your drinking water, (nor indeed appearing on planet earth). So instead of charging you for hundreds of chemicals that don’t matter, we focus Tap Score Packages on testing only for the contaminants that do matter and actually have a chance of being detected in your water.

When will I receive my results?

Most Tap Score Results are delivered to your email inbox within 10 business days from when the laboratory receives your samples. (It takes 1 - 3 days for your samples to arrive at the Lab after you send them with our pre-paid postage.) Laboratory chemistry requires substantial manual labor time from highly educated staff scientists as well as machine operation time. 

If necessary, how do you help me pick the right treatment system?

We use the combination of your Tap Score water quality results and personal survey responses to give you a list of treatment products matched to you and your water's needs. Every treatment product we suggest has been vetted with certifications from the National Sanitation Foundation and / or Water Quality Foundation. We also consider customer reviews and lifetime cost estimates to ensure we are picking among product options that will be right for your home. All of this will save you time and money in picking the best treatment product if and when you need one. 

If you have questions, we are here to help, either by phone (1 888 34 MY WATER) or via the live chat module on the Tap Score web site. To set up a free treatment discussion with us, you’re invited to send us an email at

Why is my score so low? I didn’t expect this!

Tap Score deducts points from your score even when State and Federal regulations might not. Regulatory limits only exist for a fraction of contaminants and can take 30 years to establish with new laws. Even Public Health Goals published by the government can be outdated and exist for even fewer contaminants.

We test for more potential contaminants and we hold your water quality to an even higher standard. Click here to read more about our scoring system.

My score is high but I don’t like the taste of my water!

Water is tricky like that and we all have our personal taste preferences. Some of the most harmful contaminants have no taste, smell or odor (e.g. arsenic and lead). Other contaminants can make your water taste or smell foul way before they reach levels that might cause serious harm. Depending on the taste, smell, or appearance of your water, we can recommend something to help, even if you don't do a complete test.

What happens if my sample vial breaks?

It doesn't happen often, we've had one vial break in 2017 and have taken steps to improve packing since then. If you do run into this we'll expedite another box to you right away so we can give it another shot. 

Should I test the water before or after it passes through my current treatment unit?

It's completely up to you. Testing before any treatment is best for most people so we can know what kind of source-water you're dealing with. Thankfully our knowledge of treatment science is good enough that we can know if a treatment product is producing good quality water based on what's going into it. If you want to make completely sure there's nothing wrong with your treatment unit, then you should test after as well. Let us know if you have specific questions about treatment and we can help you with this decision.

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